Frequently Asked Questions

What is VAVASC?

VAVASC is an acronym for Validation of the Arterio Venous Access Stage Classification. 

What is VAVASC study?

It is an international multicentre prospective study founded by czech and english doctors. The aim of the study is to validate AVAS classification for prediction of types of vascular access creation and for prediction of vascular access function.

What is AVAS classification?

It is a classification system designed by vascular and transplant surgeon, Peter Balaz and Stephen O’Neill with aim to simplifie sharing of the information about vascular access options for hemodialysis based on a patient’s vascular anatomy. AVAS classification was published in Clinical Kidney Journal in November 2020. (doi: 10.1093/ckj/sfaa189)

Project start date

March 2021

Project finish date




Who can participate?

Anyone who is involved in care of patients on dialysis that are indicated for vascular access creation.

Benefits of participation

Each health care professional who will participate in this study will be stated as a named author or collaborative author, depending on the participation (both Pubmed citable).

How to contact us?

Send us email on We will send you a synopsis of the project and arrange further details.